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In this highly competitive and demanding workplace environment, employers need to remain vigilant in the identification and selection of new employees. The demand for "superior" candidates continues to outstrip the supply for key professionals in several crucial industrial sectors.

As search consultant, my primary focus involves qualifying candidates for final presentation to clients as outlined in the steps below. As well Glen Abbey Search is prepared to undertake more extensive searches for a select group of prospective clients, particularly former clients, at a very competitive fee.


As an alternative to a full scale search contract, Glen Abbey Search provides professional screening of candidates that a client company/organization has identified and is planning to hire. This objective 3rd party assessment of candidates is intended to assist clients in their “ultimate” hiring decision.

The steps undertaken in our streamlined assessment may be summarized as follows:

1. Meet with client company representative to discuss their culture, values and identify specific core competencies required to fulfil the job/position responsibilities as outlined.

2. Screen multitude of resumes compiled by client company from several online sources and database files.

3. Contact "long list" of candidates to conduct telephone interviews.

4. Schedule brief meeting with select group of candidates to review work background as outlined in a detailed resume/candidate profile.

5. Schedule subsequent interview with suitable "short listed" candidate(s) to carry out an in-depth one-on-one interview utilizing behavioural based interviewing techniques.

6. Provide overall rating of candidate(s) on a scale of 1 – 10 to client company either verbally or in written summary format.

7. Conduct confidential reference interview(s), as requested, and submit brief summary results to the client company.

This screening service is intended to facilitate the final selection and hiring of the most suitable candidate with the final hiring decision resting solely with the client organization.

This contract service is available on either a flat fee or hourly basis.



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